Paying for the funeral

Many disbursements are paid on the family’s behalf, following the arrangements being made. You may be asked for the costs to be paid before the funeral takes place.

The funeral account will be sent within 12 days of the funeral. The invoice may be paid by post, phone or in person at either of our funeral homes by cheque, Bank Debit Card, Bank Transfer or if preferred, cash. If you wish the invoice to be referred to a solicitor, please advise us as soon as possible so that we may forward any future correspondence to them. If the deceased has a bank account we recommend taking our account to the deceased’s local bank with a death
certificate and the bank account details, where the bank will usually, if sufficient funds are available provide a cheque for the full funeral account payable to George Scott funeral services, if requested we would be happy to provide an account before the funeral takes place.

Meeting the costs

If there is shortage of funds available to pay, please advise us as quickly as possible before the funeral. If you are receiving certain government benefits, you may be eligible for some financial help towards the funeral from the Social Fund. The bereavement service helpline can assist in applying for funds over the phone. You may also be eligible to apply for a budgeting loan from the social fund, to meet costs. We will be happy to provide you with a SF200 Form to complete and advise you on the necessary procedures. The address and phone number can be found under Useful Addresses.

Pre-paying for your funeral

In addition to our pre-arranging service you can also pay for the funeral of your choice at today’s prices. Funeral pre-planning / payment can help to ease some of the emotional anguish and financial worry your family might experience. KEEP IT LOCAL we do not recommend pre-paying your funeral through national charity or insurance based companies as you are usually tied into using a large national group of funeral homes at your time of need and large commissions are paid to the company supplying the plan. We provide expert knowledge and advise to our local community and can also arrange to meet with you personally or send you a brochure for this too.