Funeral Choices

Service Venue

When making the funeral arrangements we will ask about the venue. Most cemeteries and all crematoria provide a chapel for funeral services. On occasions when the deceased had been a member of a local church or other religious/secular community, it may be fitting to have the service in that community’s place of worship before the committal. Where the deceased had been a well-known member of the community and there is likely to be a large congregation it may be advisable to consider holding the service at a venue other than the cemetery or crematorium (there’s a maximum capacity of about 90 both in the large chapel at Bournemouth Crematorium and at Poole Crematorium) to accommodate the larger congregation and to allow more time to provide a fitting and unhurried service. Please bear in mind that the maximum time allowed for services both at Bournemouth and Poole Crematoria is 20 minutes (although this can be extended at additional cost, if the times are available).

At George Scott’s we are able to offer a small air conditioned service chapel at our funeral home in Kinson. This may provide a useful alternative for a service of any faith when a small congregation is expected, or on occasions where there is limited service times available at the local crematorium or cemetery chapels. Our service chapel can also be booked for services in the evenings and weekends, which may make arrangements easier for families to attend a service. Please ask for further details and costs.

Who will officiate at the service?

We have experience in arranging funerals across all faiths, denominations and cultures as well as organising civil ceremonies and non-religious services. It may be that the deceased was a church member or that a minister or priest had visited the deceased during their illness – or perhaps someone you or the deceased had met, say, at a wedding or Christening. If you have someone in mind let us know and we will liaise with them regarding their availability. If preferred we can arrange for one of our very experienced local ministers to take the service, either religious or non-religious. They will arrange a time to visit and talk through exactly the kind of service you require, including any readings or poems you may wish to have included. This will also be an opportunity to discuss a tribute (eulogy, address) to the deceased, which may be given by a member of the family, or friend, or on the family’s behalf by the officiant.

Hymns, Music and Poetry

A carefully considered choice of music can make the service much more personal in reflecting the life of the person who has died. These days, families request many different types of music – anything from traditional organ music to pop, rock – everything from Puccini to Presley! During the service itself there is usually time for up to two pieces of music. This could be a couple of hymns, or maybe you might prefer not to sing and choose a piece of music for a short period of  reflection where the congregation sits quietly and recalls personal memories. Equally, you may wish to have no music during the service – the choice is entirely yours. You can also choose music for entering and leaving the chapel. Please note that we require notification of your music and hymn choices at least three days prior to the funeral, to allow time for the ordering of these on the music systems at the crematoriums and cemeteries. At certain service venues you may be asked to provide music in the form of original CDs. If you require help with choosing suitable hymns, music and poetry please ask for our popular hymns, music and poetry booklet.


Often families request that there be family flowers only and that donations in lieu of floral tributes can be used to benefit others. These donations, in the form of cheques, are made payable to the charity requested and are sent to George Scott Funeral Services, alternatively cash donations may be made preferably with a note attached with the donors identity and funeral details may be placed in our donation box after the service or handed to our funeral director on the day of the funeral. We also have a facility for donations to be made online, via our website. We will acknowledge the donations and forward them on to the relevant charity three to four weeks after the funeral. We will then send you a full list of donors and the amount forwarded to the charity concerned.

These donations can be made online here.


Many people know a good local florist who can arrange the flowers. Alternatively, we would be very happy to recommend one to you or even order the flowers on your behalf from the brochure displayed at our funeral homes. Because there is limited space for flowers on the coffin many families order one double-ended floral spray and place a flower card from each member of the immediate family on the tribute. Your florist would usually deliver the tributes to our funeral home on the morning of the funeral. These are then displayed around the coffin in the hearse and placed on display after the service – two or three days on the floral court at the crematorium or on the grave after a burial. Following the funeral you may feel it might be appropriate for the floral cards to be removed for you to have as a keepsake. We will be happy to arrange this for you if requested.

Obituary Notices

Using social media sites to advise friends and relatives of the death is becoming more and more popular, although the traditional option of placing obituary notices is still available. The Obituary Notice is an opportunity to publicly announce the death, the funeral details and state the request for flowers or donations. An Obituary Notice can be placed in the Bournemouth Daily Echo and/or any other relevant newspaper of your choice. This can be arranged directly with the newspaper by you or we will be happy to assist in creating and placing the Obituary Notices for you.

Dressing the deceased

We can provide a gown which matches the interior of the coffin chosen. Or maybe you would prefer that the deceased be dressed in their own clothing. If you wish to supply clothing we would need this to be delivered to our Funeral Home as soon as possible.

Visiting the deceased

The decision to visit the deceased is a very personal one. Private remembrance rooms are available at our Funeral Homes in Boscombe and Kinson. You are most welcome to visit by prior appointment Monday – Friday 9.00am – 4.30pm. Some people find great comfort in placing photos and personally written letters with their loved one.

Funeral transport

We take great pride in our fleet of modern Jaguar XJ and classic Daimler DS420 chauffeur driven quality hearses and limousines which are black.

In addition to these we can also offer at additional cost, unique vehicles. More information is available here.

You will need to consider the following:

  • how many limousines will be required? Our limousines can each seat six people and with prior notice, seven can be accommodated
  • arrange and advise the family members who are to travel in which limousine before the funeral
  • where the cortege will leave from
  • whether the cortege will follow the hearse
  • where you would like the limousines to return to after the funeral such as straight home or the  hotel reception.

Carrying the coffin

We will always supply sufficient bearers to carry the coffin. Four bearers are included in our fees but where necessary for reasons of dignity and health and safety, we will automatically supply six bearers at an additional cost. If family members would like to carry the coffin please advise us prior to the funeral.

The selection of a coffin or casket

We supply a wide range of traditional coffins and caskets from the most simple to the most elaborate. We can also supply more environmentally-friendly modern coffins made from wicker, bamboo, or cardboard. A painted coffin, with pictures reflecting the life of the deceased can also be arranged. All are suitable for both burial or cremation. Please ask to view our coffin and casket brochure.