When making funeral arrangements you will need to consider…

The choice between burial and cremation is a very personal one and may be influenced by many factors, such as family tradition, religion, or the wishes of the person who has died.

Burial/Burial of Ashes

Locally, the most common form of burial takes place in one of the cemeteries in the borough where the deceased lived. You normally have the choice between using a new grave or an existing family grave. Special arrangements may have to be made if the burial is to take place in another borough or, for example, in a country churchyard where generations of the family may have been laid to rest. Woodland graves are now available in several woodland cemetery locations should you wish to have an alternative type of burial plot. We will advise on the restrictions and procedures with regards to burial at your desired resting place.

New graves

Our advice when choosing a burial in a new grave is to book an appointment to visit the cemetery you are considering and select the grave in the area of your choice. We would be happy to arrange this for you and will advise you as to the cemetery which best suits your needs. With a new grave you will also need to state how many future interments will be required in the grave. When choosing the grave at the cemetery, check with the attendant for what type of memorial you would be allowed to place on the chosen plot.

Existing graves

When a grave is already in existence it is helpful if the family supply a Deed to the grave. If, however, this is not available we can usually locate the grave with some of the following:

  • name of the cemetery
  • names and dates of death of those already in the grave
  • grave reference number

We will check who the owner of the grave is, if there is room for further interments and whether there is a memorial on the grave that will need to be moved to allow the burial to take place.


Cremations can take place at any Crematorium. We have two locally – one in Bournemouth, with two chapels – and one in Poole, with one chapel. Both provide excellent facilities.

What will I do with the ashes?

This decision need not be made immediately. The four main options are:-

  • you can keep them at home or we can take care of the ashes for up to one year at our Funeral Home.
  • they can be scattered at the Crematorium (usually quietly by the Crematorium staff or if preferred you can witness the scattering)
  • you can scatter them in a place that is special or meaningful to you.
  • they can be buried in a new grave, or an existing family grave.

Alternative options are:

  • a small amount of ashes can be taken and made into a diamond and set into a necklace or ring
  • you can purchase cremation jewellery that a small amount of ashes can be placed into
  • there is a glass works which specialises in which has a small amount of ashes added
  • we can provide display clocks that have a compartment in the back
  • we can supply elegant garden sundials, pedestal planters and birdbaths.

There are many unique and memorable ways to continue to remember loved ones and we can guide you through these when making the funeral arrangements.