The selection of a coffin or casket

George Scott Funerals can supply a wide range of traditional veneered and solid wood coffins, ashes caskets and urns from simplest design to the most elaborate.

A painted coffin, with pictures reflecting the life of the deceased can also be arranged on request. All are suitable for both burial or cremation.

We keep a large stock however some are bespoke and have to be made to order. As such these can take up to 3 to 4 days to be made. Please contact us to discuss our range of coffins and make any other arrangements that you may require. Coffin wood grain and colours may vary from the photos shown.

We can also supply environmentally friendly coffins made from wicker, seagrass, bamboo, or cardboard. These are available in the traditional or curved end shape:


Seagrass is renowned for its quality and durability. This is grown in paddy fields and at certain times during the growing season, the fields are flooded with sea water. Once harvested, the grass is dried and then spun into strong yarns ready for weaving.


Cane is very environmentally friendly as it is fast growing, thrives marginal soil or areas where other vegetation finds it difficult to grow. It can also be introduced into natural forests without disturbing the existing natural ecosystem.

Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf coffins are made from the leaves of the banana plant and spun into long yarns and are woven around a natural Rattan frame making them strong but lightweight.


Willow is grown in rows of bushes and once harvested can generate back to the same height within a year. The coffins have a self-supporting frame and made to traditional methods, handcrafted by skilled workers.