Covoid-19 Update

Dear Families of George Scott Funeral Services,

Throughout the 120 years we have been serving the community, there are few occasions which match these unprecedented times.  Foremost, our thoughts go to families affected by Covid-19 and to the NHS who are doing their utmost to protect and support all people in need.

During these very challenging times, our priority is to protect you, our staff and the wider community. We are doing this by making a commitment to adapt as the situation develops, ensuring you and those you love are protected. All our staff at our branches have your wellbeing as their top priority.

Visiting our offices

We will endeavour to make arrangements via a form of communication convenient to you but there will be times when a visit to one of our branches is necessary. All our staff have put in place precautions involving the cleaning of our branches on a regular basis, handwashing facilities and room to ensure you can exercise social spacing. If you have any concerns, please call us and we can provide more detail of the arrangements we have put in place.

Enquiries and making funeral arrangements

If you have lost a loved one, our staff are there to support you. During this very challenging time we will try to accommodate any form of communication which you feel most comfortable with. This could be by telephone, post, email, or messenger. Whatever the situation, we will adapt for you.

Thank you

These are extraordinary times and losing a loved one can feel overwhelming. Making arrangements may appear to be too challenging but our staff are there to support and guide you so you can say farewell to your loved one with dignity and love.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 01202 395827 or email us at

Neil Scott

Managing Director of George Scott Funeral Services